Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement Payments

How To Get Cash Now For Future Payments

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Get Cash Now For Your Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments

Are you getting a stream of payments over a long period of time, but you need to get cash now? Were you issued an annuity or a structured settlement? What can you do if you need money now? Enter J.G. Wentworth. Our company is one of the largest purchasers of these structured settlement payment streams in the United States. We may be able to help you to get access to the cash so that you can resolve your liquidity issues.

Our staff is trained to have the combination of attentiveness and industry knowledge, in order to give you the customer service you deserve. We are here to help you.

It is important that the firm you sell your settlement payments or annuity to has an established history. You want a reliable firm that will make the transaction as smooth as possible for you, so you can get money without an extra headache. Being one of the largest companies in the field, and having been in the industry for over 20 years, J.G. Wentworth meets this requirement with an established reputation and knowledgeable staff.

Over the years, J.G. Wentworth has helped many individuals like you, who have structured settlement payments and annuities, to sell their future periodic payments in exchange for cash now. We are one of the leaders in the industry and have positive testimonials from many of our previous customers. If cash-on-hand is what you need to resolve your current financial emergencies, get out of debt, or improve your current quality of living, you have come to the right place.

Not sure if you should sell? Just call for a consultation and get informed about our services. It is free and you have no obligation to sell. We understand that this is a big decision and only wish to patiently inform you of your options. We're here to help.

Transfer your annuity and structured settlement payments over to us, and you can get cash now! Find out how to free up Your Money Sooner.

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How To Get Cash Now

So you want to know how to get cash now. You have possession of future structured settlement payments and want to know what the steps are for getting a lump sum payment of cash. What should you do? Consider the following step-by-step instruction on how to get cash now:

  1. Contemplate your situation. Were you paid for damages in the form of structured payments over time, but you need to get cash now?
  2. Consider the option of selling all or just a portion of your structured settlement payments to J.G. Wentworth. Contact our representatives and get a quote.
  3. After our company does analysis and gets the proper paperwork and documentation, you will be made an offer for a certain lump sum of cash now, in exchange for your structured settlement payments.
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