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How To Get Cash Now For Future Payments

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Facts You Should Know Before Selling Your Structured Settlement To Get Cash Now

If you are thinking about selling your annuity or structured settlement payments, there are some things you need to know first:

  1. When you decide to sell your annuity or settlement payments you don't have to sell all of your payments at once. You may choose to sell whatever amount you need to obtain the cash you need.
  2. Keep in mind that payments that are due sooner, are worth more than those in the future (i.e. payments due to be paid in the year 2012, would be worth more than those due to be paid in 2016). Your situation will dictate which portion of the settlement payments you choose to sell.
  3. Annuities may have surrender charges.
  4. Annuity payments may be subject to taxation.
  5. You may choose to sell any portion of your annuity or settlement payments.
  6. Settlement payments with anti-sale language can still be sold.
  7. Workers Compensation settlement payments may not be sold in some states.
  8. Most states have structured settlement protection acts, and sellers and buyers must comply with the provisions of their state's law.

If you can't find that statement, you may contact the bank through which the annuity is held to obtain that information. J.G. Wentworth buys structured settlements in return for cash now. Although this isn't the solution for everyone, it is attractive for many Americans. J.G. Wentworth's team works to customize options for each individual's needs.

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If the annuity that you are receiving is subject to taxation by the federal or state government, the lump sum payout will also be subject to taxation at the same rate. In cases where the annuity is tax exempt, the lump sum payment is also exempt. If you have a settlement with language that refers to the inability of the settlement to be sold or advanced it still can be sold. The entire sales process must go through a court approved process and the judge that oversees the case has the power to nullify the language of the contract if the judge believes the sale of the settlement is in the best interest of the individual.

It is prohibited by law to sell any portion of a workers compensation settlement. Federal law specifically keeps these funds in their original payout schedule, to be paid only to the individual (or family member in case of death) that is named in the settlement. Minors are not allowed to sell off structured settlements even if they have consulted with an attorney. Also, no court appointed or natural guardian may sell a settlement on behalf of a minor. Once the age of consent (18 in most states) has been reached, the individual may then pursue a lump sum payment for the settlement.

There are several bidding sites available that allow people interested in selling their annuities or structured settlements to place their settlements up for bid. This way the seller can take offers from buyers in a competitive marketplace. This often drives up prices and allows the seller to get the best deal possible. These deals are still subject to court approval, so there is little risk in using an auction-based site to procure your sale. There are strict guidelines in place for the buying and selling of settlements. Each State has its own set of provisions which must be followed by both buyers and sellers. For information on laws pertaining to your state, contact a law office specializing in annuity and settlement structuring.

Get cash now through a reputable company. J.G. Wentworth has been in the industry for well over a decade and can help you every step of the way.

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