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The case study below is a hypothetical example of a customer experience, and is only intended for illustration purposes.

Susan Jones was a hard-working woman who got married at the young age of 18. She had two children, a husband named Bill who held down a job as a full-time architect, and a house that was the envy of her friends.

Her household's main source of income was from what her husband Bill earned. It was more than enough to keep her family living a comfortable lifestyle without any hardships. A certain amount was taken off the top of every paycheck to be set aside into the family's savings account. Another portion was used to invest in stocks, bonds, gold and mutual funds.

Susan's family was covered under Billís life insurance policy, paid by his employer. The family was also covered under Billís health care insurance plan that included medical, dental and alternative healthcare. Whenever any medical examinations, treatments, or fitness club membership bills came around, Susan did not have to worry about them being paid - everything was paid for by Bill's employer. Everyone in her family had regular dental checkups, physical examinations, acupuncture treatments and nutritional consulting to stay in tip-top shape.

Susan inherited her father's annuity, which paid her quarterly payments. Her annuity payments were considered the family's spending money. They helped pay for worldwide family vacations, impromptu day trips, Susan's weekly spa treatments, Bill's country club membership and the family's timeshare, among other niceties. Everything was going as planned, with bills being paid on time and regular paychecks a part of everyday life.

Then, the worldwide financial crisis occurred and everything turned around. Bill lost his architectural job. The funding dried up for his projects. He applied for unemployment and received the payments, which only helped make ends meet for so long. Then, unemployment ran out. Even though he was continually applying for new jobs, he could not find any work.

With no employment income coming into the household, the family had to sell off some investments to make ends meet. Slowly, but surely, the investments began to dwindle to nothing.

After the investments were all sold, Susan and Bill started using the funds in their savings account to pay for utilities, put food on the table and buy the basic necessities

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Susan and Bill started using the quarterly annuity payments from Susan's inherited structured settlement to make ends meet. Family vacations stopped, the timeshare was sold to the highest bidder and all the niceties abruptly ceased. However, the annuity payments were not enough. Bills were still piling up. Food was becoming harder and harder to afford. The family stopped going to the dentist and doctor since they could not afford it. To make matters worse, their mortgage payments doubled. Having spent all the family savings and sold all the diversified investments, and with no employment prospects in sight, things were looking pretty grim.

They decided to cash in the annuity and get cash now. Susan and Bill wanted a lump sum to keep their home, pay off their overdue bills and get back on their feet. As much as they wanted to get cash now for their annuity, they did not know how.

Susan and Bill needed to find a company that specialized in purchasing annuities and knew all the intricacies of getting cash now. They called J.G. Wentworth and went through the process of selling their annuity. They got the cash they needed to get through their personal financial crisis.

J.G. Wentworth has over 20 years of industry experience purchasing annuities and structured settlement payments from consumers in the United States. J.G. Wentworth has a large customer base.

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